Custom Metal Works in the Philippines With Astron Metal Works

While off-the-shelf items are definitely handy and accessible when you run or own a business, there’s nothing better than having customized interiors and products. It gives your whole business a personalized look, and it makes the processes more convenient and seamless. Custom metal works in the Philippines from companies such as Astron Metal Works have helped numerous companies achieve their production and aesthetic goals.

Custom metal works are in demand all over the country. Even so, if you are planning to invest in custom metal works in the Philippines, you need to choose a reliable metal fabricator. The outcome of your business and your metalwork will only be as good as the fabricator you choose.

Metal fabrication is a complex task. It requires skill, knowledge, and reliable machinery. Overlooking your fabricator will likely lead you to shoddy work and an outcome you won’t be 100% satisfied with. Plus, every metal fabrication company offers something niche and different. You’ll need one that will best suit your needs! Remember that you are having customized work done. Every specific detail needs to be executed as precisely as possible.

This is where Astron Metal Works comes in. We are the best one-stop-shop for any custom metal works in the Philippines. Continue reading to learn more about our capabilities and our company!


Our Different Applications

At Astron Metal Works, we have a skilled and well-equipped team that concentrates on each and every steel need — whether it be for residential, commercial, or industrial uses. Rest assured that with us, you will receive an outcome that complies with your requirements.

Additionally, we offer quality sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines with our leading machinery. Our Caloocan complex holds just about 3,500 square meters of floor space that houses these pieces of equipment. This allows us to have one of the most extensive arrays of services in the country!

Various companies in different fields and industries have trusted us for their custom metal works in the Philippines. See our capabilities for custom metal works below:

Steel Tanks by Astron Metal

Signage and Displays: Simple Cutting

From simple signage, displays, whiteboards, and frames, our simple cutting services can cater to your needs. As part of our machinery, we take pride in our cutting machines such as hydraulic shearing, plasma cutter and laser cutting machine that allows us to make precise cuts in a variety of metals and thicknesses. So if you have intricate and complex designs, we can do that for you as well. This modern machine cuts five times faster than traditional, manual torches, and is capable of cutting up to 500 inches per minute.

Steel Cabinets and Carts: Bending

In need of stainless steel essentials for your business? We’ve worked with various industries to create customized cabinets,  carts, and even  modular booths! Here at Astron Metal Works, we hold some of the best equipment and machinery in the country. Our bending machines are capable of doing bending works for up to 12mm (1/2″) of mild steel or 6mm (1/4″) of stainless steel.

Steel Tables: Shearing

No matter what kind of shearing you need for your  tables or any kind of customized metalwork, we’ve got three variants of shearing machines at our Caloocan plant! We can hydraulic shearing of different lengths. This allows us to shear up to 16mm (5/8″) of mild steel and 8mm (5/16″) of stainless steel.

Perforated Trays and Steel Gratings : Punching

Steel metal punching is one of the metal fabricating techniques that Astron Metal uses for many industries. We use a punching power press and a CNC Hydraulic Turret Punch Press for our CNC cutting services in the Philippines. With this, Astron Metal Works can produce customized shapes and sizes out of varying thicknesses and kinds of sheet metal.

Storage Tanks: Rolling

In need of functional equipment for your business? We are trusted by many industries such as the petroleum, dairy, food and beverage manufacturing, consumer good manufacturing and construction industries. We can create custom works that range from stainless buckets and tumblers to the biggest of storage tanks. We also have a variety of steel sheets that conform to your industry’s standards — cold rolled, hot rolled, mild, galvanized, stainless, copper, and aluminum. Our roller machine can roll steel plates up to 12mm (1/2″) thick x 3.6m (12ft ) in length.

Bins and Hoppers: Dishing

Ever wonder how companies have their own bins and hoppers? Our custom metal works in the Philippines make that possible. Astron Metal Works can produce dish heads flanging edges up to 12 mm thk with 4.5mtrs maximum  diameter.

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Our Customized Fabrication and Assembly Work Process

As mentioned above, we are the one-stop-shop for all your custom metal works in the Philippines. From planning out your ideas to delivery, we will be working closely with you all throughout. Here’s a quick look at our custom metal work process when you decide to choose us as your metal fabricator for custom metal works in the Philippines.

Planning and Designing

Planning and Design

Everything starts out with an idea. Here at Astron Metal Works, you can turn to us for consulting. We will make what you’ve planned out into something perfect for your industry and your business. Once we’ve decided on the plan, we will design your own personal product.

Mock Up Design

Our clients should first approve our proposed design before fabrication begins. If items are of high volume, we provide mock-ups prior to production in order to check and test the efficiency of the design as well as the quality of materials we used.

Quality Control

Astron Metal Works highly upholds the quality of finished products and services rendered. Even though we have the most modern and innovative equipment in the market, we still have an on-ground quality assurance team that ensures each and every product is up to our standards. Clients can be assured that our dedicated team of engineers, project supervisors, safety officers, and office personnel are well-equipped to cater to their needs.

Get Custom Metal Works in the Philippines with Astron Metal Works!

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