6 Tips For Maintaining Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

6 Tips For Maintaining Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

What are the tips for maintaining pre-engineered steel buildings? 

  1. Make Sure All The Components Are Accounted For
  2. Check The Insulation
  3. Schedule Bi-Annual Maintenance Checks
  4. Take Care Of The Fasteners
  5. Wash The Building Annually
  6. Repaint The Building With The Right Coating 

Pre-engineered steel buildings are widely ideal structure types for their flexible design, ease of construction, and durability. This is why there has been a steady increase in offices, gas stations, parking sheds, warehouses, showrooms, and factories utilizing this construction design. However, just like any other structure, these can be vulnerable to damage without proper maintenance. It is always better to know the tips for maintaining pre-engineered steel buildings to keep them looking great, performing at optimal levels, extend their lifespan, and avoid costly repairs. Continue reading on to learn more about these. 

Make Sure All The Components Are Accounted For

Make Sure All The Components Are Accounted For

The maintenance of pre-engineered steel buildings starts from the moment the components are fabricated and delivered to your site. While choosing a quality metal fabricator is a given, many project owners make the mistake of not accounting for all the pieces delivered on-site. 

While pre-engineered steel buildings are easier to assemble in general, it would be best to cross-check all the components delivered. No matter how small, a missing component can compromise the overall stability and durability of your building

Check The Insulation

Pre-engineered steel buildings require insulation to decrease heating and cooling costs, and maintain a comfortable temperature. Damaged insulation can also result in moisture buildup, which in turn, decreases the building’s effectiveness with parts succumbing to corrosion, foundations shifting, and metal panels bending. Inspect your building’s insulation regularly to ensure it hasn’t been compromised in any way. 

Schedule Bi-Annual Maintenance Checks
Schedule Bi-Annual Maintenance Checks

Scheduling preventive maintenance regularly can help you stay on top of any changes taking place in your pre-engineered steel building. With this, you can identify problems before they take place and minimize costs. 

You can perform a maintenance check twice a year or after any renovation or extreme weather conditions occur. Record any problems and address them. If necessary, notify your metal fabrication company of any potential defects. Some custom steel fabricators even offer inspection as a value-added service.   

Take Care Of The Fasteners

Pre-engineered steel buildings have modular designs. They are split into different components and attached with fasteners such as nuts, rivets, anchor bolts, and screws. Damaged fasteners can compromise the structural integrity of your building.   

Fasteners that are loose should be tightened and ones that are damaged should be replaced immediately because it can affect the load distribution of the entire structure. Damaged fasteners can compromise the structural integrity of your building and lead to collapses.

Wash The Building Annually
Wash The Building Annually

One of the main benefits of having a pre-engineered steel building is that they do not require the same level of maintenance as in conventional buildings. Nonetheless, when they start to show indications of dirt, the structure will greatly benefit from washing. Cleaning the building also helps it retain its aesthetic appeal for an extended period of time. 

Wash your building annually to prevent dirt and grime accumulation. To do this, simply use a low-pressure power washer and a suitable cleansing solution such as an ammonia mix. For stubborn stains and removing mildew or fungus, you can opt to use a cup of bleach. 

Repaint The Building With The Right Coating 

While it’s true that these pre-engineered steel buildings are highly durable, there may be instances wherein heavy equipment, forklifts, or cranes can cause dents and scratches on the structure. These areas can be where corrosion originates and spreads further to compromise the building’s foundations. It is always a good idea to repaint the building and keep it protected. 

Keep in mind that the exterior of a pre-engineered steel building can be coated to be resistant to certain environmental forces. For example, the building can be made with metal components with galvanized finishing to combat corrosion. 

You may ask your metal fabricator about the appropriate coating for your structure. To maintain its durability and aesthetics, there is a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from.

Key Takeaway

In this guide, we have rounded up some of the tips for maintaining pre-engineered steel buildings. Following them can help you extend the lifespan of your structure and save you money from repairs in the long run. 

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