5 Advantages of Using Structural Steel For Construction

5 Advantages of Using Structural Steel For Construction

What are the advantages of using structural steel for construction?

  1. Improved safety
  2. Lower costs
  3. Versatile 
  4. Faster construction speed
  5. Environmentally-friendly

Structural steel parts are what makes everyday buildings, homes, and commercial spaces come to life. Without them, construction would look vastly different. No steel beams, railings, or purlins will adorn public spaces. Instead, less cost-effective and impractical materials would be used in their place. Truly, the advantages of using structural steel for construction have been unrivaled in the industry. Structural steel has given birth to some of the most awe-inspiring monuments that have stood the test of time. More than just that, it has proven to be one of the most useful construction materials in all aspects for this sector.

Thinking of using structural steel for your next construction project? It would be one of the best choices that you can ever make, for a number of reasons. These materials are extremely durable, versatile, high-performance, and flexible in design. No doubt that your building project will also benefit from lower construction costs, improved safety, and faster progress. Read on to learn more. 

Improved Safety

In any construction project, safety is one of the foremost objectives. This is why construction managers or project owners want to ensure that they’re using only high quality materials that the workers can easily install in various parts of the building. Structural steel is one of these and the industry has consistently benefitted in its improved safety ratings when it comes to fire hazards, impact resistance, and material deterioration.

As an alloyed metal, steel does not combust, meaning it does not provide an additional source of ignition of fuel load. In cases of building fire emergencies, steel products such as beams, pipes, rafters, or sheets can serve as a barrier of protection to slow down the spread of the fire. Occupants can be more safely evacuated in this case, than in a situation where a combustible building material has been used, like timber.

On the other hand, whether indoor or outdoor use, steel exhibits excellent material properties. High-carbon steel in particular can resist against high impacts, corrosion, and mildew. Despite prolonged exposure to volatile environments or under extreme conditions, the steel will remain sturdy for long time periods. 

Lower Costs
Lower costs

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to have the misconception that structural steel can be expensive. In fact, the alternative is actually true. Processed from iron ores by steel manufacturing and refinery plants around the world, steel has become one of the most affordable construction materials on Earth. Not to mention that iron happens to be bountiful in supply, allowing firms in the steel market to consistently meet customer demands. 

If you’re gunning for a strict construction project budget, structural steel will therefore be of value to you. Due to decades of innovation in the industry to make the material more affordable and available, it becomes a low-cost option for project owners looking to save up on building materials without quality drawbacks. Unlike other materials like wood, or PVC for example, structural steel is the cost-friendly and practical option


There are a number of steel products that have enjoyed popular use in construction. Whether it’s for the roofing, concrete reinforcement, building foundation, HVAC systems, or electrical busways, the versatility of structural steel makes it a suitable fit for these types of applications.

An example would be build-up beams, also known as compound beams. These structural steel materials are used in cases wherein the load bearing and bending resistance requirements are on the higher side of the spectrum. In this event where other building materials may not provide adequate support, structural steel build-up beams provide a modular and stable design that can achieve depth and reliability. 

Aside from build up beams, structural steel is also found across a number of building projects as reinforcing bars, sheet plates, tubes, pipes, studs, and many more. Project owners can consult with contractors to come up with versatile steel designs of their own, without compromising the quality of the building. 

Faster Construction Speed
Faster construction speed

Deadlines are everything in the world of construction. Targets have to be consistently met everyday. Any such changes caused by unforeseen circumstances, safety risks, hazards, or worksite incidents need to be mitigated as soon as possible to ensure that the project deadline remains on track. 

With this in mind, structural steel can be an important factor in speeding up construction activities. As mentioned before, it offers safety solutions that no other type of building material can provide. This makes structural steel instrumental in preventing unnecessary and time-consuming incidents such as broken equipment, unstable scaffolding, poor panelling, roofing design, and the like. Structural steel also does not take up too many resources to install, making it easier for construction workers to erect them and assemble it in a variety of ways. 


Did you know that structural steel is also environmentally-friendly? It shouldn’t be a surprise because it is one of the most recycled ferrous materials on the planet. Global figures when it comes to steel recycling rates are so staggering, that there’s a good chance any structural steel in your building right now is made out of recycled materials.

Eco-friendly building materials may be something you’re considering, especially if you want to make your building more environmentally-sustainable. You can rest assured that your use of structural steel will not add unnecessary ecological impacts on the environment. Further, using such materials can also help you lower costs because they can be repurposed and recycled infinitely without losing their properties. 

Key Takeaway

As discussed in this simple guide, the advantages of using structural steel for construction are far too great for you not to consider them in your next building project. Structural steel products such as build-up beams, reinforcing bars, pipes, and the like, have contributed to many modern buildings to-date. The numerous benefits that they provide different structures across the world make them the choice material in any kind of construction project.

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