Stainless Steel Fabrication in the Philippines with Astron Metal Works

The demand for stainless steel is constantly increasing. Why? It can be customized for an extensive array of uses. Given its versatility, it requires meticulous manufacturing processes to achieve superior quality. Only a few can truly claim that they provide the best service for stainless steel fabrication in the Philippines.

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron which contains a minimum of 10.5% Chromium. It can be used for the most common items such as cutlery and cookware to major industrial materials like pumps and fume hoods. Its corrosion resistance, high durability, and aesthetic appeal make it even more ideal to work with.        

If you’re looking for a company that can offer top-notch stainless steel fabrication in the Philippines, Astron Metal Works is your go-to!


Industries We Cater To

As the leader in stainless steel fabrication in the Philippines, Astron Metal Works Corporation provides a wide variety of services for all our client’s steel needs. Rest assured that every job we do will meet your standards!

Steel Tanks fabricated by Astron Metal


Consumer Goods Manufacturing Industries

Consumer Goods Manufacturing establishments require a number of fabrication services in order to function. The moment you enter these facilities, there will be a stainless steel item in sight immediately.

The characteristic that makes stainless steel the best material for  this type of industry is its durability. For example, when you install handrails made with plastic or wood, it simply won’t hold up because people apply pressure to handrails for support.

Let’s not forget that stainless steel offers a stylish and sophisticated look too. Whether you use them in your establishment for  trash bin or simply as claddings, they will surely increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the area.

As a pioneer in stainless steel fabrication in the Philippines, Astron Metal Works never fails to cater to the  Consumer Goods Manufacturing industry. We can fabricate all kinds of stainless steel needs such as Lockers and Cabinets,Racks and Shelvings, Production and Utility Carts, Jacketed Process Tanks, Storage Vessels, Tumblers, Containers, Buckets, Funnels, Enclosures and more.

Petroleum Industries

The petroleum sector comprises numerous companies that manufacture and sell supplies for other sectors. Gas, petrochemical, oil, and automotive companies are found in this sector. 

Among these companies, one fact is consistent and that is they operate in risky environments that involve high levels of heat and toxicity. This makes stainless steel desirable as it possesses the properties that survive harsh environments.

Aside from durability, stainless steel is resistant to a wide range of compounds as well. It can resist bases, acids, moisture, salt, sulfur, rust, and chloride compounds. In addition, stainless steel performs better compared to other types of steel such as carbon steel. It offers enhanced heat resistance of above 500°C.

At Astron Metal Works, we fabricate high-grade items that are widely used by petroleum companies in their daily operations.

Let us perform the stainless steel fabrication services for your  petroleum company. Our services maximize structural integrity!

Dairy, Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industries

Take a good look at the tools used in the kitchen on a daily basis.  They are made with stainless steel. The  Dairy, Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry makes use of stainless steel to craft their products.

Aside from rust resistance, a major driving factor in using stainless steel in kitchens is that it works great with food! Because of all the steam and heat produced when cooking, there are plenty of opportunities for pathogens to grow. Thankfully, stainless steel has long proven that it does not provide habitual conditions for harmful bacteria.

In terms of maintenance, stainless steel makes it a lot easier to clean up after food spills. This further helps keep undesirable pathogens at bay. Stainless steel is also able to withstand high levels of temperature which makes it perfect for cooking meals.

At Astron Metal Works, we can fabricate ductile grades of stainless steel products such Platforms, Mobile Ladders, Storage and Mixing Tanks, Hoppers and Chutes, Diverters, Stainless Wash Basins and Sinks, Cabinets, Display Boards, Production Tables and Chairs, Machine and Equipment Enclosures, Filters, Strainers, Customized Covers and more.

Construction Industries

Stainless steel is a unique material that is easily welded and low maintenance. It offers toughness and provides aesthetic appeal as well. All these properties can be exploited by all aspects of structural applications.

Stainless steel is popularly used for beams, window casements, columns, and cladding. In addition, it is also used for railings and staircases. Do you happen to have structural steel needs? Astron Metal Works has got you covered!

Our company’s service includes crafting all kinds of custom-made steel items such as build-up beams, purlins, Doors, Windows, Floor Gratings and Drains, Railings, Steel Frames, Trash and Waste Bins, Steel Forms, Ladder Rungs, and even Mailboxes.


Why Choose Astron Metal Works

Astron Metal Works Corporation is a pioneer in stainless steel fabrication in the Philippines. What makes us the best choice? Read on! 

Why Choose Astron Metal

Years of Experience

Stainless steel is a material that can only be handled by professionals who have extensive knowledge and years of experience. Since our humble beginnings back in 1976, we were able to gain all the necessary knowledge to deliver high-quality fabrication services.

From the moment of raw material creation to end services, every Astron Metal Works’ team member is equipped with the expertise to know the entire fabrication process.

Today, we carry on our mission of providing aesthetically engineered designs to suit the needs of our customers. Rest assured that our engineers, project supervisors, safety officers, and office personnel are well-equipped to cater to your needs.

Customized Services

Astron Metal Works achieved the ultimate edge all because of the trust and support given by our loyal clients. With that, we value each client by offering fully-customized services to match their product needs.

Before the fabrication begins, clients get to approve our proposed design first. Simply tell us how you want the job done, we can do it! We can even cater to miscellaneous custom metal works in the Philippines.

If you have a high order volume, we offer mock-ups prior to production as well. This is done to ensure that the design is efficient.

Superior Quality

As the leader in stainless steel fabrication in the Philippines, our passion for satisfying clients is what characterizes us. With that, we ensure that each service we provide is nothing less than superior quality.

We can do cutting, shearing, bending, dishing, rolling, flanging, welding, punching, and notching, and other customized steel fabrication works. All these procedures are done using top-notch machines that require minimal labor work. This ensures that each finished product is of consistent quality.

Astron Metal Works offers not only wide-ranging services and products but also keeps excellency in mind.

Choose Astron Metal Works for the Best Stainless Steel Fabrication in the Philippines!

When it comes to sourcing services for stainless steel fabrication in the Philippines, Astron Metal Works is the prime choice. We are the stainless steel experts that have been satisfying our clients since 1976. 

From custom metal works to CNC cutting services in the Philippines, Astron Metal Works exerts the best efforts to deliver superior quality products and services.

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