Uses of CNC Cutting Services In The Philippines

Uses of CNC Cutting Services In The Philippines

What are the uses of CNC cutting services in the Philippines?


  1. Construction materials

  2. Food production items

  3. Metal furniture 

  4. Gas station fixtures

CNC cutting refers to the metal fabrication procedure that involves using computer numerical control routers with the advantage of versatility and flexibility being derived from automation. The computerized routers are adept in cutting and engraving metal parts with speed and extreme precision. As they cut sheet metal according to custom specifications, uses of CNC cutting services in the Philippines are highly desirable in virtually any industry.

CNC cutting services in the Philippines are suitable for many metal parts and products, especially those that require repeatability among large production volumes. While mass-produced metal parts may work for some industrial applications, others specifically require a certain degree of customization. With CNC cutting, speed and efficiency increase productivity and enhance metal product quality. Precision cutting by CNC routers also creates less material wastage translates to lower costs. Continue reading on to learn more about the applications of CNC cutting services. 

Construction Materials

The most common uses of CNC cutting services in the Philippines involve construction materials. There’s no doubt that building establishments – no matter how big or small — requires using fabricated metal items that are cut according to precise, custom dimensions. Depending on the structure type, there would be width and length specifications.  

For the construction industry, automated CNC routers help cut materials such as purlins, build-up beams, steel frames, gratings, and canopies according to specific dimensions to ensure they support structures properly. The tools and equipment used in construction make use of CNC cutting services as well including metal tanks, storage vessels, air ducts, and ladder rungs.  

Since fabricating construction materials relies on precision, we at Astron Metal Works offer a variety of CNC cutting services in the Philippines including shearing, plasma cutting, oxy-acetylene cutting, and laser cutting to meet client needs.

 Food Production Items 

Food production items

The food production industry requires numerous materials in order to produce goods that people consume on a daily basis. Both raw and finished materials will need to inhibit repeatability across high production volumes. This is what allows the sector to meet customer demands and remain competitive in the market. For example, producing a large volume of cheeses and pints of milk will need food tanks for mixing ingredients. 

Whether you need food tanks, measuring buckets, or tables, CNC cutting services in the Philippines can get the metal fabrication job done quickly and accurately. Every sheet metal is cut using CNC procedures to create utility carts, racks, shelvings, cabinets, work tables, chutes, brackets, and washbasins. All these can be cut with ease using automated plasma and laser cutters. 


Keep in mind that CNC cutting services also allow for “food-grade” items. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforces standards that food processing and food storage equipment must adhere to. This means every rack and table surface must be non-toxic and safe for consumption. By nature, metal is favored because of its ability to withstand rust, heat, and microbe build-up. Through CNC cutting services, the food production industry is offered accuracy and cost-effectivity in their materials and a way to handle food items safely. 


At Astron Metal Works, we have catered to clients such as San Miguel Corporation, Nestle Philippines, Magnolia, Monde Nissin Corp, Alaska Milk Corporation, Healthy Options, New Zealand Creamery, and many more. Our CNC cutting services provide each client food-grade materials that proved to make their daily operations more efficient.

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture manufacturing is one of the most common uses for CNC cutting services. Whether you need to create customized or more standard furniture pieces, the applications of CNC cutting provide more accuracy and efficiency. In addition to cabinetry, CNC produces tables, countertops, gates, doors, and windows with immense precision. Intricate furniture designs are easily brought to life via 3D-automated and CAD prototyping capabilities, delivering a smooth finish that eliminates design flaws.


Reduce lead times, decrease costs from errors, and elevate the overall quality of your metal furniture through high-end CNC cutting services in the Philippines from Astron Metal Works. We have worked with local and multinational clients Procter and Gamble Philippines, Solaire Resort and Casino, Okada Manila, and Lazada Philippines for metal furniture. 

Gas Station Fixtures

Gas station fixtures

Another industry that has high tolerances for safety applications is the petroleum industry. To operate successfully daily, gas stations leverage CNC cutting for precise and reliable metal parts. 


For example, cashier booths, canopies, bollards, pump island trims, and structural steel members would need to be installed. They may be required in specific dimensions with corrosion-resistant capabilities. 


No matter what gas station fixtures you require, we at Astron Metal Works can provide them. We have served clients under the petroleum industry, including Pilipinas Shell, Petron, Total, Unioil,  Flying V, and Clean Fuel. 


Key Takeaway

The uses of CNC cutting services in the Philippines are versatile and can benefit you through cost-effectivity, increased productivity, and overall efficiency. 


Astron Metal Works is the leading provider of CNC cutting services in the Philippines. With decades of experience, we have been able to cater to clients from different industries. ​​Click here to inquire about our services today!