5 Advantages Of Using Steel Frames

5 Advantages Of Using Steel Frames

What are the advantages of using steel frames?

  1. Strength and durability 
  2. Longevity
  3. Conducive to modifications and aesthetic needs
  4. Faster build time
  5. Cost effectivity 

Any industrial fabricator in the Philippines benefits from using steel frames. As a material, steel frames make use of steel columns and beams to support roofs, floors, cladding, internal fixtures, and finishing. From skyscrapers, warehouses, hangars, bridges, factories, schools, offices, to garages — it is primarily used for both small and large-scaling structures. Therefore, the advantages of using steel frames are unrivaled.  

Steel frames have distinctive qualities that make them an ideal construction material. This includes durability, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and many more. Continue reading on to learn more. 

Strength and Durability

It is well-known that rigid and weakly built frames can compromise structural integrity and cause fatal accidents to occupants. This is where the strength and durability of steel frames prove to be beneficial.  

As a material, steel frames have a higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to other traditional construction materials like wood and concrete. This means that for the same dimensions, steel frames can carry more load. In practice, this means that fewer steel frames are necessary to provide the same amount of support to structures.

The strength and durability of steel frames hold significant advantages in the event that natural disasters occur such as earthquakes, fires, and strong winds.   


In general, steel components have a lifespan of 100 years. As long as steel frames are properly maintained, they will not crack, split, or deform, even when exposed to natural forces. 

Steel frames are non-combustible and can preserve their structural integrity in the event of prolonged exposure to high temperatures or fire. To add to that, steel frames cannot be penetrated by pest infestations, unlike wood. As a metal alloy, steel frames are non-porous. This means mold and mildew cannot grow in their internal components. Lastly, steel frames do not expand or contract upon moisture exposure. 

Steel frames are an ideal material choice for protecting structures. When you hire a steel frame fabricator in the Philippines, you can ensure your project withstands the test of time. 

Conducive To Modifications and Aesthetic Needs  

Structural steel can be fabricated into all kinds of shapes while still maintaining its durability and strength properties. The use of steel frames allows for aesthetic and creative yet structurally sound structures, making it a touted material among architects and other interior designers.

Steel frames are highly versatile and are more conducive to modifications. If project owners want to have renovations or expand the size of their building, it would be easy to do so with steel frames. Whether you want to build a high and aesthetic skyscraper or just want to expand your existing building — steel frames make them possible. 

Faster Build Time
Faster build time

Every project owner wants their structure built as fast as possible. For good reason, extending project durations result in increasing labor fees, insurances, financing fees, and many more. Fortunately, steel frames allow for faster build time. 

Steel frames are fabricated using computer 3D systems, which produce standardized bolted connection and repetitive floor plate plans to make assembling faster. In addition, steel frames can be prefabricated off-site before being sent in modular forms to the site. All you have to do is assemble the components by bolting or welding them together. 

There are also steel frame fabricators in the Philippines that invest in state-of-the-art machinery specifically to produce steel parts faster. At Astron Metal Works, we make sure to take advantage of CNC cutting procedures to make precise steel frame parts, reduce steel waste, and eliminate errors. This significantly speeds up your project’s construction time. 

Cost Effectivity 

Today, a wide range of building materials are available to anyone seeking to create a construction project. However, one of the most important metrics in all design builds is economical efficiency. Compared to other traditional construction materials, steel frames boast cost-effectivity. 

Steel frames are far more durable than wood and concrete. As such, the lifespan of steel frame construction is expected to be much longer, making it more economical in the long term. In addition, steel frames do not require constant repair and maintenance. This cuts down costs for expensive professional intervention. 

Structures made with steel frames can also be erected in a very rapid fashion, often with various components prefabricated off-site, and with the end-build being subject to a high degree of accuracy. This avoids additional costs of labor. 

Key Takeaway

If you are in the planning stages of a project, consider the many advantages of using steel frames such as durability, longevity, faster build time, cost-effectiveness, being conducive to modifications, and aesthetic needs. If you hire a steel frame fabricator in the Philippines, you can reap all these benefits.

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