The #1 Sheet Metal Fabrication in the Philippines

Where would industries be today without sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines? It is, by far, one of the most versatile and widely used processes at present. Just about every industry imaginable utilizes it — from construction, manufacturing, commercial, transport, petroleum, architecturals and much more.

Even so, if you’re looking into sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines, one very important thing you should know is that the sheet metal fabrication process — especially with customized products — requires an intricate and complex system of tools, skills, techniques, and machineries. Without these, you’d most likely receive products with subpar, low quality standards,  and even dangerous output — and we’re certain that you don’t want this for your projects.

To completely avoid these mishaps, you need to choose the best company for the job. The fabricator you choose is crucial when you’re looking into sheet fabrication in the Philippines. Cost is not the only driver, but it highly affects the manufacturing rate, production quality, cost-effectiveness, timely deliveries, lifespan of your project and responsiveness of the company. It also becomes a reflection of you.

So, where do you start? How do you choose the one that best suits your project needs? From capabilities to quality to experience, here’s why you should choose Astron Metal Works for your next project.


Sheet Metal Fabrication with Astron Metal Works

There are dozens of ways to shape, join, and manipulate sheet metal. In fact, there are far too many to cover them all in depth. Here at Astron Metal Works, we offer a long list of techniques of sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines — from the most common techniques to the most scrupulous made to order requirements. Read below to see our capabilities:

Sheet Metal fabricated items by Astron Metal

Sheet Metal Rolling

We can roll some of the thinnest and flattest metal with our sheet metal rolling processes. This is made possible with the use of our rolling machines. In fact, we can roll steel plates for  up to 12mm (1/2″) thick x 3.6m (12ft) in length.


We have equipment for shearing and other cutting works. We take pride in our hydraulic shearing machines with various thicknesses and lengths. Because of this, Astron Metal can provide labor works for various sheet metal shearing of up to 16mm (5/8″) Mild Steel and 8mm (5/16″) stainless steel.


Astron Metal does the best punching work for sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines. We offer mechanical and CNC punching works through extrusion punches, drawn punches, and slotted holes. Click here to see all the industries we’ve worked with!


Bending is one of the most intricate techniques in sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines as this is what allows customization and manipulation for customized sheet metal projects. Astron Metal makes clean and precise bends. Apart from using our modern bending and pressing brake machines to automate the process, we are very meticulous with our procedures as well. Our team sees to it that each product that we produce covers the specific sizes and reaches the perfect angle in a sheet metal form.

We offer bending services for various sheet metals that can produce 12mm (1/2″) Mild Steel or 6mm (1/4″) stainless steel.


We can customize the best sheet metal for you. Our dishing technique allows a relatively fast method to produce the fastest output while still holding excellent quality. Astron Metal can produce dish heads flanging at edges up to 12mm thk with 4.5m in diameter.

Customization and Mock-Ups for Customized Sheet Metal Fabrication Works

Can’t find what you’re looking for above? Astron Metal can fabricate and assemble your projects. Have your projects customized with us today! Just send us your specifications and dimensions so we can work on it with you. We can even provide a proposed design if you’d like. If your products are of high volume, we also offer and provide mock-ups prior to production for you to be able to check and test the efficiency of the output.


Why Choose Astron Metal Works for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Apart from our versatile & flexible sheet metal fabrication services, we also offer services and capabilities that you can’t find anywhere else. From quality to experience, here are the reasons why you should choose Astron Metal Works for sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines.

Sheet Metal Fabrication at Astron Metal plant

Wide Variety of Steel Sheets

We have all the quality metal sheets for you. We are not limited to only stainless steel sheets. Here at Astron Metal Works, we offer cold rolled, hot rolled, mild steel, galvanized, copper, and aluminum steel sheets of the highest quality.

We Cater to Various Industries

Our variety and versatility are what makes us the top choice for both sheet metal and stainless steel fabrication in the Philippines. We are well-versed in catering to a number of industries and products. Whether it be for residential, commercial, or industrial requirements. Here are some of the work that we do:

  • PETROLEUM: Structural Steel Canopies, Cashier’s Booths, Pump Island Trims, Remote Fill Housing Covers, Tire Inflator Housings, Lube/Display Racks, Column Buffers and Bump Guards, Stainless Urinals, Customized Trashbins
  • DAIRY, FOOD AND BEVERAGE MANUFACTURING: Platforms, Mobile Ladders, Storage and Mixing Tanks, Hoppers and Chutes, Diverters, Stainless Wash Basins and Sinks, Cabinets, Display Boards, Production Tables and Chairs, Machine and Equipment Enclosures, Filters, Strainers, Customized Covers
  • CONSUMER GOODS MANUFACTURING: Lockers and Cabinets,Racks and Shelvings, Production and Utility Carts, Jacketed Process Tanks, Storage Vessels, Tumblers, Containers, Buckets, Funnels, Enclosures
  • CONSTRUCTION: Doors, Windows, Floor Gratings and Drains, Railings, Steel Frames, Trash and Waste Bins, Steel Forms, Ladder Rungs, Mailboxes

We are not limited to these! From custom metal works to CNC cutting services in the Philippines, we also provide a wide range of products and services. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your company.

Complete State-of-the-Art Machinery and Equipment

When you’re looking for a fabricator in the Philippines, their equipment must be able to handle the complexity, size, and amount of your projects. This should go without saying.

We invested heavily in our cutting edge technology. Our equipment — from machinery to material handling and holds the most cutting edge technology available. This, along with our capabilities and skilled staff, will provide the most efficient and the best quality of the fabrication process.

Our Fabrication Plant

All of your projects are done in our Caloocan plant, which holds almost three thousand five hundred square meters of floor space. This houses all of our machinery: shearing, plasma and laser cutting, bending , dishing, rolling, flanging, punching, and notching. Here, welding works like SMAW, TIG, and Automatic Linear MIG for build-up beams are also taking place.

All of this is also done with our staff and team who are well-skilled and versed to ensure the quality, consistency, and process of finished products.

Consistency and Quality of Products

It’s true that word quality gets thrown around pretty casually. It can be found just about everywhere. However, here at Astron Metal Works, consistency and quality is our guarantee. From the moment you work with us to the fabrication process to the delivery of your products, you are rest assured of a seamless and fuss-free experience.

Plus, we are also committed to having a continuous improvement process with the goal of providing you with better work each and every time.


The Finest Sheet Metal Fabrication in the Philippines with Astron Metal Works

With years of experience and cutting-edge fabricating equipment, Astron Metal Works, the finest sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines, offers a suite of capabilities including customization and mock-ups to ensure that your future projects are nothing but successful. Our highly-skilled and dedicated team of engineers, project supervisors, safety officers, and in-house personnel paired with our technology will assure you top-notch quality. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you!