Benefits Of Quality Control in metal fabrication

Benefits of Quality Control In Metal Fabrication

What are the benefits of quality control in metal fabrication?

  1. Enhances safety 
  2. Cost savings
  3. Compliance with industry standards 
  4. Boosts customer loyalty 

When sourcing for an industrial fabricator in the Philippines, it’s crucial to choose one that has an in-house quality control procedure. In the metal fabrication and manufacturing industry alike, quality control is defined as a series of standard processes to ensure each product is free from defects. A common mistake that metal fabrication companies make is failing to value quality control benefits in metal fabrication. This shouldn’t be the case as it serves as the guideline for safety, cost savings, improving customer loyalty, and many more.  

From the customer’s point of view, a metal fabricator with a sound quality control procedure allows them to get better value for their money. Every custom fabricated metal part will come out with good functionality. Here are four benefits of quality control in metal fabrication that will deliver a significant return on your investment.

Enhances Safety

The main benefit of quality control in metal fabrication is enhanced safety for the products, customers, and workers.  

Consistent and regular quality control testing ensures safety in the manufacturing process and final product. For example, custom build-up beams will require diligent quality control to ensure safety. If the build-up beam is not tested for load capacity, it can end up being a safety hazard by failing to support structural columns or trusses. In turn, this will also endanger the lives of occupants. 

Metal fabrication companies have a duty to ensure the safety and well-being of their workers. This is especially applicable to workers that directly work on fabricating metal parts. If you didn’t already know, most metal fabrication jobs depend on the use of heavy-duty machines and equipment for cutting such as CNC machines, press brakes, turret punch press, hydraulic shears, bending machines, rolling, and flanging machines. Quality control procedures ensure each worker is trained to take extra caution when using these machines and performing tasks efficiently. 

Throughout every aspect of the metal fabrication — from cutting, bending, to assembling — quality control helps eliminate safety hazards such as poor product design, improper use of machines, and worker accidents.  

Cost Savings 

Cost Savings 

The same quality control procedures used to ensure safety in metal fabrication are also crucial to reduce costs. Take note that a defect while fabricating metal parts can be expensive. For example, worker injuries can result in productivity loss alongside costly hospital bills. 

Implementing quality control measures can also avoid material repair expenses in the long term. Because quality control leads to the production of goods that have been provided a consistent level of workmanship, costly repairs can be avoided. 

It is known that high production costs are ultimately passed to customers. This is why many choose metal fabrication companies that commit to strict quality control processes. If you are looking for an industrial fabricator in the Philippines, it is worth taking the time to determine if they make use of quality control procedures. This not only signifies their commitment to the best industry practices but also ensures you save more money. 

Compliance with Industry Standards

All metal fabrication companies will need to comply with industry quality control standards. If they do not follow such standards, the company can be deemed to practice unsafe metal fabrication procedures. They can incur costly fines, face legal charges, and end up not meeting customer’s orders. This is why it’s crucial that the industrial fabricator in the Philippines you choose has quality control permits. 

In the Philippines, metal fabrication quality control permits can come in the form of a Mayor’s Permit or a welding license. A good metal fabricator should be transparent enough to share their permits and documentation to customers to signify their business is adhering to regulatory standards. 

Boosts Customer Loyalty

Boosts customer loyalty 

Quality control is the key to consistency and ensuring both parties (the metal fabricator and customer) understand the expectations of the final product. This goes a long way in establishing credibility as a trusted metal fabrication company throughout the business landscape. In general, quality control in metal fabrication facilitates customer satisfaction. When a customer receives consistent quality products, there is a bigger chance for repeat business. This is because they will understand the metal fabricator will meet their quality requirements. 

Key Takeaway

Here are some of the benefits of quality control in metal fabrication. Quality control enhances safety, saves money, and ensures the metal fabrication company complies with industry standards.  

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