6 Applications Of Steel Canopies

6 Applications Of Steel Canopies

What are the different applications of steel canopies?

  1. Loading bays
  2.  Drop off zones
  3. Building entries
  4. Staircase covering
  5. Balcony awning
  6. Carports

Canopies are one of the first few things that people notice and look for in a building. They add both functionality and design to any structure by providing shade to employees and customers, while also being a sought-after installation that any commercial or residential building should have. While there are different raw materials used for canopy construction, steel stands out because not only does it enhance function and design, but also brings value to any kind of construction. Applications of steel canopies can come in a variety of ways, such as loading bays, drop-off locations, building entryways, staircase covering, carports, gas stations, and many more.

Choosing steel for your next canopy or awning project is the most practical one you can make, for several reasons: it’s durable, low-maintenance, and sports an aesthetic finish that can increase resale value, or attract visitors to commercial properties. Many buildings to-date have been using steel canopies over other materials and for good reason. Read on to learn more about its different uses.

Loading Bays

If you’re running an industrial facility, steel canopies make the perfect choice for your building’s loading bays. These provide shelter for employees and other individuals on-site who are tasked to load and unload different objects and equipment into transport vehicles.

With a canopy, they can work more comfortably because it provides them shade from the harsh rays of the sun. When they’re handling equipment and carrying objects from one location to another, the steel canopies will also be able to ensure the materials don’t get dented or damaged — especially for warehouses storing items in inventories.

You can have custom-built designs for your steel canopies to fit the current layout of your loading bays. Some examples would be adding more columns for better support, extending the roofing, or fitting the canopy with cladding materials to improve acoustics and/or insulation — it all depends on your building requirements and preferences.

Drop-Off Zones
 Drop off zones

Steel canopies can also be used in drop-off zones for commercial establishments like malls, shopping complexes, or even in institutions like schools and universities. Walkways can be covered with these canopies to facilitate the speedup of pick-ups or drop offs for students, parents, and staff.

Canopies can also serve as waiting sheds for drivers or guardians who are waiting to pick up students and children from school campuses. Instead of having to walk from one place to another to get shade from the sun, they can simply find protection under the canopies. These structures can also be fitted with benches and chairs for added convenience for the drivers as they may wait long hours.

Building Entryways

In the Philippines where the climate tends to get extremely hot during the summer season, steel canopies are a must for building entryways. Whether you own a small restaurant or a large shopping mall, installing steel canopies can instantly improve the appeal of your business and even draw more customers to your establishment.

Ask your steel manufacturer to design you with a steel canopy using thicker materials for excellent reflectivity. This allows heat to bounce back from the steel sheet and prevent the shaded area from being too hot. If your store isn’t located inside an airconditioned location, having a metal canopy for the entryways can give comfort to your customers and tenants who may queue in long lines outside the entrance.

Staircase Covering
Staircase covering

Made out of steel, these metal canopies are extremely durable against different elements and weather conditions. These are two reasons that make them ideal for outside staircases, protecting civilians and passers-by from heat and moisture.

Metal canopies can be modified accordingly. For example, winding staircases may require sheet metals to be cut, bent, and fabricated into different curves. They will simultaneously be supported by a framework of columns, beams, and studs that ensure the sturdiness of the entire structure. Anyone using the stairs can easily walk up and down without feeling too tired from the heat. If there are also construction activities nearby, the canopy roofing can protect civilians against debris and other falling objects.

Balcony Awning

Although a steel canopy is a common fixture in public locations, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it for your next home renovation project. It may not be placed in your home’s entryways, but it does make for a welcome addition to your contemporary home’s balcony area.

For a well-designed balcony canopy, you can include features that bring more functionality to what’s typically considered as an immobile structure. An example would be attaching fittings that can add a sliding feature to the canopy. In this way, it can be retracted or extended as necessary to cover your balcony.


Metal carports have been growing in popularity for homeowners because they’re much more affordable and cheaper compared to the typical concrete garage. Instead of having to build an expensive storage area from the ground up, you can just commission a barebones carport design that does the job it’s supposed to.

Steel canopies can be set up as carports in just a few minutes or less, with the right building materials. The added customizability also allows these carports to be used as garage extensions, storage areas, outdoor dining space, and what have you.

Key Takeaway

Thinking of installing a canopy in your building or home? This guide has listed down all the various applications of steel canopies — from industrial loading bays to carports, there are limitless ways by which to use this simple, yet useful structure. Steel canopies take up less time to set up, not to mention the added safety and comfort features it provides different groups of people.

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