Best Industrial Fabricator In The Philippines

If you’re looking for an industrial fabricator in the Philippines, you need to make sure that they can meet all your requirements. Experience, quality of workmanship, and expertise are just some of the factors that you need to have in mind. All of these qualities guarantee that you’ll get only high-quality services with no compromise — and with Astron Metal Works, you’ll certainly get nothing short of that.

We are the country’s leading industrial fabricator. Our clients have consistently turned to us for our industrial fabrication services, metal fabrication, and other types of assembly services. Here’s why.


Product Profile

Here at Astron Metal Works, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive products and services to our clients and customers. In fact, we also offer CNC cutting services in the Philippines!

Using state-of-the-art engineering and unparalleled know-how, we’ve been able to manufacture a wide variety of products for use. Each product has been designed to provide our clients with optimal function in their respective fields — whether it be for petroleum, dairy food and beverage manufacturing, consumer good manufacturing and construction.

As the leading industrial fabricator in the Philippines, we’re the go-to for such products like metal cabinets, platforms, filters, storage and mixing tanks, ducting components, louvers, strainers, and more.

Steel Tanks fabricated by Astron Metal

Metal Cabinets

Our metal cabinets are made with only the finest grade raw materials. They’re durable, flexible, and versatile, allowing you to store your facility’s materials and optimize your space.

Depending on your preferences, we can custom-fit our metal cabinets to accommodate different materials that may come in varied dimensions. We can add partitions, shelves, locks, protection covers, and the like, to help your tools stay secured even after you’ve shut down operations for the day. If you’re having trouble organizing your facility’s space, our metal cabinets are a solution to that.


Every industrial fabricator in the Philippines understands the need to provide heavy-duty platforms. These structural components help the employees in the facility navigate the space more easily and transport different goods from one location to another. With our varied platform designs, you’ll be able to do those things, and more.

Our elevated platforms can come in different types that feature sturdy walkways. Each platform is designed to improve accessibility and safety around the workspace. They also feature railings, stairs, decks, and other types of structural support, to promote a safer and more productive work environment.


Different industries need to make use of a filter, especially if their operations involve the mixing and separation of different types of fluids and gasses. These filters have to be durable enough to withstand extreme conditions that may come from abrupt changes in pressure and temperature.

We also manufacture different types of stainless steel filter housings, in-line liquid-mist separator, and other filter components that are available in different sizes. Due to the stainless steel material, our filters are more durable, corrosion-resistant, and can accommodate a range of capacities.

Storage and Mixing Tanks

Food facilities are constantly dealing with different ingredients. They need to ensure that all these ingredients have to be carefully processed in order to make them deemed safe for consumption once they’re mixed together. As such, our mixing tanks make the best choice for producing food-safe and industrial-safe products that can be distributed to the wider market.

Our storage and mixing tanks are designed to give your industry with uniform mixing capabilities. All parts and components have been carefully welded and fitted together to ensure that no spills, bursting, or any type of damage will take place. The steel that we use in the fabrication process is built to last, hard-wearing, and resistant to high-impact abrasions, and uses food-grade raw materials depending on the types of products that will be stored herein.


All kinds of manufacturing facilities are constantly dealing with different chemicals, materials, ingredients, and equipment. To make sure that the space is still safe for all on-site personnel, it’s important that the HVAC cooling, ventilation, and ducting systems are in working order. With high-quality chemical fume hoods and tubing parts from Astron Metal, you can guarantee a well-regulated environment.

Our fume hoods can be integrated with your already-existing ventilation systems. They can control the flow of air inside the facility, as well as, prevent the spread of toxic fumes that may potentially cause a number of health and other respiratory issues. Compounded with the right safety gear, your personnel can safely work with different materials and equipment without endangering themselves.


If you’re looking to improve the flow of air inside your facility, then you may want to consider looking into metal louvers from an industrial fabricator in the Philippines.

Our simple, yet useful louver parts can be customized to feature cills, jambs, blades, mullions, and more — all of which are designed to keep unnecessary dirt and dust from entering the interiors of your facility. Unlike wooden louvers, our metal louvered windows are protected from chemical abrasions that can alter their function and appearance. They can also provide your facility with a more natural source of lighting and ventilation, allowing you to mitigate electrical costs that may result from the use of lighting and ventilation fixtures.


Apart from industrial and structural components, Astron Metal Works is also a stainless steel fabrication in the Philippines for small-scale uses. We also produce different strainer types, industrial drains, fittings, flanges, and other sink gaskets as needed. These products can not only be used alongside each other, but they’re also perfect for both cleanroom and non-cleanroom areas.

If you have a specific strainer design in mind, simply get in touch with us so we may accommodate your request. Our industrial-grade strainers can be used for sifting aggregates, mixtures, and other types of compounds used in your facility. They’re made with specialty alloys like steel, stainless steel, and aluminum for better functioning, and to ensure a longer shelf life.


Why Choose Our Industrial Fabrication Services

Our goal as an industrial fabricator in the Philippines is to provide each of our clients with a range of durable products and equipment that can improve their flow of operations. We ensure that our innovative processes and techniques have been standardized in our field — everything that we do possesses the mark of quality and excellence that you won’t find with other industrial fabricators.

Steel Stairs by Astron Metal


High Customization

We’re open to customization requests on many of our industrial manufacturing services. This is possible by employing a range of techniques and methods with the help of our high-tech equipment and machines.

You need only provide us with details on product specification and dimensions, and we can already make it happen for you. Want a steel matting protection for your steel cabinet? How about an additional steel staircase for our elevated walkways? Whatever it is, we have the necessary tools to perform the job. 

Wide Array of Products

You’ve already discovered that we conduct manufacturing work for louvers, tanks, filters, platforms, storage cabinets, and ducts — but we don’t only limit ourselves to these products.

As mentioned before, we aim to cater to the different requirements that many industries have. For this reason, we make sure that we maximize all the available tools and resources that we have at our disposal. For example, we also fabricate products like steel tables, wash sinks, buckets, doors, windows, and a range of other materials ideal for commercial and retail use. If you have the design and drawing, and then let us make it happen.

Fine-Grade Materials

When you avail of our services as an industrial fabricator in the Philippines, you can be sure that every product has been manufactured with the highest standards. We use only the finest grades of metals, and other compounds.

Everything that we make is designed to service you and your organization in the best way possible. This means that you won’t have to continually spend your money on buying shoddy and flimsy components. Instead, you’ll be investing in only the best that the industrial fabrication industry can offer.

Find A Reliable Industrial Fabricator In The Philippines With Astron Metal Works!

Astron Metal Works Corporation has been serving as the number one industrial fabricator in the Philippines for almost five decades now. We trace our humble beginnings as a small machine repair shop in Paco, Manila — we’ve since branched out to become the leading fabricator that you know today.

Astron Metal Works is committed to providing each of our clients with everything that they need, from petroleum, dairy, food and beverage manufacturing, consumer goods manufacturing and construction  — you name it all. With us, you can guarantee that your industry will be making the right choice.

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