4 Benefits Of Steel Frame Construction

4 Benefits Of Steel Frame Construction

What are the benefits of steel frame construction?

  1. Immense strength compared to other materials
  2. Durability and longevity to stand the test of time
  3. Flexibility in construction
  4. Sustainability
  5. Faster construction time
  6. Cost effectivity

Any industrial fabricator in the Philippines makes use of steel frames. The benefits of steel frame construction cannot be overlooked. It has been used primarily for both large and simple structures such as skyscrapers, warehouses, hangars, bridges, factories, schools, offices, residential facilities, as well as garages.

Steel frame construction involves assembling steel columns and beams to support floors, roofs, cladding, internal fixtures, and finishing. Thanks to the material’s distinctive qualities, steel frame construction has been the ideal construction method for many architects and contractors. In this article, we will delve deeper into the benefits of steel frame construction over other construction methods and why they are an optimal material choice for versatile applications. Continue reading to learn more.

Immense Strength Compared To Other Materials

It is only natural to consider the strength of the materials used for your project. Rigid and weakly built frames can compromise the integrity of structures. If you plan to build a residential project, this can result in an unsafe building for occupants. The good news is, you can guarantee steel frame construction will produce projects with immense strength.

As a material, structural steel frame components have a strength-to-weight ratio than wood and concrete varieties. For the same dimensions, steel will be heavier yet will be able to carry more load. Its weight-bearing and ductility capabilities result in significant advantages in natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires.

Durability and Longevity To Stand The Test Of Time
Durability and longevity to stand the test of time

As an alloyed metal, steel frames do not split, crack, or creep, deform as it ages, even when they are exposed to environmental forces. For one, it is non-combustible and can preserve its structural integrity in the event of a fire or prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures.

Steel frame construction is also not vulnerable to pest degradation, unlike its wood counterparts. It also lacks porosity, which means mold and mildew cannot grow in its internal components. To add to that, steel framing does not expand or contract with moisture buildup.

Steel framing construction is a highly reliable method choice for protecting your structure and ensuring it stands the test of time. When you hire a steel frame fabricator in the Philippines, various finishing methods and metal grades can be used to allow for reinforced steel frame durability. For example, if you need a custom steel frame created with corrosion resistance, Astron Metal Works can provide coating solutions so that your steel products are of the highest durability.

Flexibility In Construction

Structural steel frames can be fabricated into different shapes while still maintaining their strength. Therefore, flexibility is one of the main benefits of steel frame construction. This same design flexibility is now being touted among architects and designers to create structures that are not only aesthetically attractive but also structurally sound. This is why steel frame construction can be used for creating large-span structures such as indoor arenas and aircraft hangars, as well as high structures such as skyscrapers and bridges.

In the event a project owner wants to create renovations or expand the size of the existing structure, the flexibility of steel frame construction enables it to be modified easily.


Steel frame construction involves using 3D computer modeling systems during fabrication, which significantly reduces the amount of scrap steel produced. For its further sustainability properties, any scrap produced from steel frame construction can be 100% recyclable for use in other projects. It does not lose any inherent properties such as strength when it is melted down and recast.

Faster Construction Time
Faster construction time

When it comes to building projects, you’d want to build your project as soon as possible. Time has always equated to money because of labor fees. However, project owners tend to have second thoughts from using construction shortcuts and overlapping design construction phases because of potentially building a structurally compromised project.

The good news is, steel frame construction bridged the gap by using computer-assisted fabrication methods. The standardized bolted connections and repetitive floor plates make the fabrication of steel frame parts faster, keeping them durable and easy to erect. Steel frames are prefabricated offsite to fit a certain specification before being sent to the construction site. After they are sent out, they are immediately ready to be assembled by bolting or welding the pieces together. Unlike traditional construction methods, this takes advantage of the Just-In-Time manufacturing method.

There are also steel frame fabricators in the Philippines that invest in state-of-the-art machinery to produce steel parts faster and consequently, speed up construction time. For example, services like CNC cutting from Astron Metal Works make way for precise steel frame parts, eliminate time-consuming errors, and reduce waste.

Cost Effectivity

Given the steel frame is prefabrication off-site, on-site labor fees can be reduced by 10% to 20%. Shorter construction times also result in less financing costs and the building can be used as soon as possible for a faster return on investment.

As stated earlier, steel frame construction also boasts high strength and durability. With a lifespan of approximately 50 to 100 years, it keeps maintenance costs, repairs, and replacements minimal. It is an economic material choice for project owners.

Key Takeaway

The benefits of steel frame construction have made it a mainstay for a wide array of applications and industries. It paves the way for customized, cost-effective, highly durable, and fast-built projects. If you hire a steel frame fabricator in the Philippines, you can reap all these benefits with a wide range of superior quality steel frames.

Partner with Astron Metal Works for all your steel frame needs. With a founding date of 1976, you can rest assured we can design, construct, and assemble your steel frames with expertise. We can also talk you through your different fabrication methods for increasing the durability of your project, reducing costs, and speeding up construction time.

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