5 Benefits of Hiring A Pre-Engineered Building Fabricator

5 Benefits of Hiring A Pre-Engineered Building Fabricator

What are the benefits of hiring a pre-engineered building fabricator?

  1. You get to choose customized designs
  2. You get to save time
  3. Project durability and soundness of design
  4. Cost savings
  5. Sustainability efforts

When deciding on your building type, you can choose between pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) or conventional buildings. Conventional buildings use various raw materials that are constructed on-site, whereas the materials of pre-engineered buildings are prefabricated at a factory, transported, and assembled on the site. This construction method is rising to popularity across different industries, therefore knowing about the benefits of hiring a pre-engineered building fabricator can help build your project with efficiency.

PEBs are typically low-rise and are mainly used to build manufacturing warehouses, industrial factories, retail stores, canopies, and hangars. These structures can provide custom-built features and durable architectural design all in less time and at less expense. Many industries reap the benefits of partnering with a pre-engineered building fabricator in the Philippines.

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You Get To Choose A Customized Design

A standard design may work for basic structures such as simple sheds or storages. However, any project going beyond a basic building will always require customization.

Pre-engineered building fabricators utilize detailed structural drawing templates. Then, a software generates the customized design to cater to your project needs with efficiency. Afterward, the prefabricated components like steel frames, roof and wall panels, purlins, claddings, and flanges are transported to be assembled on site. No field cutting is needed to erect the PEBs; they are simply bolted together as designed in the fabrication plant.

The degree of customization offered by pre-engineered building fabricators will make your project more reliable and suited to your needs. In some cases, it can also make it more aesthetically pleasing. You may choose component dimensions, color schemes, and many more.

If your project needs to be achieved with ease and a high level of customization, you will greatly benefit from hiring a pre-engineered building fabricator. Due to the developments in construction methods, these experts allow you to modify your building design easily. To add to that, they can make it easy to accommodate future expansion plans due to the modular design of PEBs.

No matter the reason for constructing your new building, the design considerations provided will make the difference between a well-planned project and settling for a building design with less efficiency.

You Get To Save Time
You get to save time

When you hire a pre-engineered building fabricator, the time for erecting your project is significantly reduced. PEBs require no welding and feature anchor bolts. Each of the building’s framed openings is pre-punched at the factory and ready for site bolting.

The steel components are easily assembled on-site and the delivery process of materials is fast as well because all pre-engineered buildings have a single source supplier.

Project Durability and Soundness Of Design

For many project owners, hiring a pre-engineered building fabricator is one of the biggest investments they will ever make. This is because PEBs have enhanced durability that is synonymous with rigid frame buildings.

Along with the innate strength of structural steel, pre-engineered building fabricators will use state-of-the-art software to ensure the design soundness of your project. To add to that, all the steel components are fabricated under strict quality control procedures, which guarantees strong finishes.

Additionally, the components of PEBs are 10% to 20% lighter than conventional buildings. The difference lies in the steel framing and all the components are custom-fit, durable, and easy to transport. A pre-engineered building fabricator can ensure your project resists different environmental forces such as corrosion, seismic activities, and other natural disasters.

Cost Savings

When you hire a pre-engineered building fabricator, you can take advantage of big cost savings in several ways.

First, PEBs are constructed using heavy machinery instead of manual labor, which cuts down wage expenses. Second, you can also save on transportation costs of working with raw materials because the entire structure is delivered on-site. Lastly, if your building is damaged, it can easily be repaired without excessive costs given the modular design.

Sustainable Efforts

The construction industry is being called upon to ramp up its sustainability efforts. Fortunately, steel PEBs are more biodegradable than conventional buildings. As a material, steel is 100% recyclable.

Insulated steel panels are rising to popularity among the metal fabrication industry as well. Well-versed pre-engineered building fabricators are able to work with project owners who want to create energy-efficient buildings.

As stated earlier, hiring a pre-engineered building fabricator also lets you benefit from customization. The modular design of PEBs lasts longer and requires less maintenance, which translates to sustainability.

Key Takeaway

The benefits of hiring a pre-engineered building fabricator are rising to popularity among many industries. For a good reason, it can save you money, time, and offer efficient design solutions. These along with all of the reasons outlined above make a pre-engineered building the right choice for your project.

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