Uses of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Uses of Sheet Metal Fabrication

What are the uses of sheet metal fabrication?

  1. Construction 
  2. Petroleum
  3. Industrial Industries

Sheet metal refers to metal formed into thin sheets, typically by hammering or rolling. It is highly durable and able to maintain its structural integrity, making it easy to work as it can be bent, stamped, cut, dished, and punched. Sheet metal fabrication is defined as the process of forming sheet metal into different parts according to a particular requirement. Today, numerous industries are heavily reliant on the uses of sheet metal fabrication. This is also the primary reason why sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines is a growing service sector. 

Sheet metal fabrication is used to create metal things needed for daily living. It is an ideal material because it is lightweight, ductile, and can be formed into a specific material part easily. Depending on the industry, sheet metal can be formed into pipes, storage tanks, automobile fittings, metal furniture, filing cabinets, construction parts, and more. Continue reading to learn more about the applications of sheet metal fabrication.


As mentioned earlier, sheet metal is fabricated into the desired metal part. When it is bent, cut, and sheared, it can be used to form various construction parts such as steel frames, columns, canopies, build-up beams, flange channels, industrial platforms and walkways, air ducts, gratings, awnings, and even floor drains.    

Take build-up beams as an example.  Build-up beams are composed of two horizontal plates known as the flanges that are connected to a vertical plate known as the web. Through sheet metal fabrication, the flanges and web of build-up beams resist shear stress and support structures. By nature, metal is capable of carrying heavy loads and resisting corrosion. This is another primary reason why sheet metal fabrication is highly relied on by the construction industry.    

Another example of the use of sheet metal fabrication involves balcony awnings. As it is able to withstand environmental factors such as strong winds and rain, balcony awnings made from sheet metal can be an ideal construction material choice to cover the area.  

At Astron Metal Works, we have worked on numerous construction projects from clients like SMDC, Makati Shangrila, Makati Development Corporation, Amaia, Avida, Ayala Land, Alphaland, Century Properties, and many more. We recognize that the construction industry relies on specifically-sized and high-quality structural steel materials. This is why we offer sheet metal fabrication services that meet our client’s specific dimension and quality requests. 


Another application that heavily relies on sheet metal fabrication is petroleum filling stations. From the cashier booth, the station’s canopy and signage, railings, bollards, pump island trim, cabinets, wash stations, air pump, to even the trash bins — almost everything you see when entering a petroleum filling station will be likely made from sheet metal. Sheet metal is formed and cut according to specific shapes and dimensions.  

At Astron Metal Works, we are proud to have served clients like Pilipinas Shell, Petron, Total, Unioil, Flying V, Clean Fuel, Caltex, and Phoenix Petroleum. We have provided them sheet metal fabrication services for putting up their canopies, cashier booths, and many more. 

Industrial Industry

Industrial companies such as factories have day-to-day manufacturing operations. They produce all kinds of consumer goods to meet the market demand. This is where the uses of sheet metal fabrication come into the picture.  

Metal furniture manufacturing is one of the most common uses for sheet metal fabrication. For industrial companies, this means sheet metal can be formed into custom, industrial metal items. It is a cost-effective and efficient choice to use sheet metal as the material can easily be formed and cut into different shapes. 

Let’s say you need to produce goods such as cheeses and milk. Sheet metal can be formed into mixing tanks, production carts, racks, shelvings, cabinets, workstations, enclosures, wash sinks, trash bins, chutes, and diverters. All these are needed for your operations.   

If you manufacture food products, there is a need to adhere to the FDA’s health and sanitation standards. Every item you use should be non-toxic. Fortunately, sheet metals are deemed safe for handling food products. The material naturally avoids microbe build-up and corrosion. With sheet metal fabrication, rest assured every industrial metal item you have is “food-grade”.    

Astron Metal Works can provide “food-grade” sheet metal fabrication solutions for you. We have already worked with clients like Nestle, Alaska Milk Corporation, Silver Swan, Monde Nissin, Magnolia, San Miguel Corporation, and more. 

Key Takeaway

The uses of sheet metal fabrication are versatile. Given that sheet metal is a material that is ductile and doesn’t lose its strength when formed, countless industries rely on sheet metal fabrication. Astron Metal Works is the leading provider of sheet metal fabrication services in the Philippines. No matter what industry you are in, we can work to provide you with the finest custom metal fabrication solutions. ​​Click here to inquire about our Astron Metal Works’ services today!