Astron Metal Works: The Best CNC Cutting Services in the Philippines

The term “CNC” means computer numerical control. Simply put, it refers to automated machines that can cut through various materials. The demand for CNC cutting services in the Philippines is constantly on the rise. Why? It is a revolutionary tech that offers precise results with minimal labor effort.

The material that is most commonly used for CNC cutting is a steel sheet. Be it dairy food and beverage manufacturing, consumer goods manufacturing, petroleum and construction— it is a process widely utilized by major industries today. This is why it’s vital to look for a company that can offer top-notch CNC cutting services in the Philippines.

With that, we’re here to tell you about why Astron Metal Works should be your choice. Read on!


CNC Cutting Services We Offer

In the past, people would manually cut through steel sheets using hand-held grinders. Today, there are numerous innovative ways to do this. At Astron Metal Works, we offer a variety of steel cutting services for our clients.        

CNC Cutting Services We Offer



Shearing is a cold process cutting performed by slicing straight lines through steel sheets using blade-affixed machines. During the process, an upper blade and lower blade are forced on each other to form the end product. Typically, one of the blades remains stationary.

There’s no doubt that shearing is more efficient than the manual method. This process does not require the use of heat which means the steel parts don’t melt or burn. Shearing does not produce waste through chips – a factor that makes it an ideal choice for clients. 

At Astron Metal Works, we strive to provide clients with superior quality service. This is why we make use of state-of-the-art machines. For shearing, we make use of hydraulic shearing machines Our CNC shearing machines can cut through various sizes of steel sheets. Read the following for further information:

  • Hydraulic Shearing (Thickness: 16mm max., Length: 3100mm)

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a thermal cutting method that involves the use of ionized gas at high levels of temperature.

What makes plasma cutting so special is that the gas temperatures of up to 30,000°C can easily melt steel parts away. This cutting process offers supreme edge quality at higher speed and precision. It is low costing as well.

At Astron Metal Works, our plasma cutting machines are made with nothing less than the most innovative technologies. This enables us to provide clients with increased flexibility, higher productivity, and confidence in high precision plasma cutting.

Our plasma cutters can easily cut through thick steel sheets. In general, these can cut through up to 38mm thk (1.5 inches)   

Oxy-Acetylene Cutting

Oxy-acetylene cutting, also known as oxy-fuel cutting, is a simple method that uses fuel gas and oxygen to cut through steel sheets.

We employ versatile oxy-acetylene machines to guarantee precision. Guide rails are used to ensure the stable motion of crossbeam parts. Full support for the cutting torch makes way for a high-end product quality.

The oxy-acetylene process is ideal for cutting steel with thicknesses  ranging from 0.5mm to 250mm.

Laser Cutting

Apart from oxy-acetylene cutting, we also offer laser cutting. Here, your metal will be cut by laser technology. This method offers a smooth, clean, and precise output. Laser cutting is also very efficient — perfect for high volumes of metal. Additionally, it can cut thick sheet metal (up to 1.5” thick)


The Types of Steel We Use

Steel comes in many grades, shapes, and finishes – each with different properties. At Astron Metal, we make use of a wide variety of steel sheets for our sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines!

We are not limited to the most common type which is stainless steel. Here, clients can choose from high-quality hot rolled, cold rolled, mild steel, galvanized, copper, and aluminum steel sheets as well. 

Steel for cutting


Hot Rolled Steel Sheets

Hot rolled steel is created through continuous roll-pressing at high levels of temperature (over 1,700˚F). Because of the intense temperature, the steel becomes easier to form into different shapes. It is relatively durable and primarily used for pipes, tubes, and rail tracks.

It’s important to remember that hot rolled steel shrinks slightly when it cools down. This means there is less control over its final shape result. In general, this type of steel is very easy to work with. However, it is less ideal for applications that require extreme precision. 

Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

Cold rolled steel is created at room temperature. Although this type of steel is more costly, it boasts advantages that are useful for numerous applications.

As opposed to hot rolled steel, this type is more durable due to strain hardening. In addition, it has an improved surface finish. It’s smoother and has accurate dimensions making it ideal for applications that pay close attention to aesthetics.

Some of its uses include industrial facilities, building steel sheds, garages, home appliances, and metal furniture.

Mild Steel Sheets

Also known as low carbon steel, this type has lower levels of carbon in it (about 0.05% to 0.25%). The less carbon, the more ductile, malleable, and weldable a steel is.

Mild steel sheets are suitable for general fabrication and construction purposes. It can be used for signages, decorations, wires, frames, and fences where it will not be subjected to high pressures.

Aluminum Steel Sheet

Aluminum sheets have proven their usefulness in different sectors. It can be used to form food packaging, cookware, drains, signages, and even number plates.

The only thing to remember about aluminum sheets is that its uses depend on its thickness. Thinner aluminum sheets can be used for small scale applications such as food packaging and cookware. While thicker ones, they can be used for major applications like facility drains and piping works.   

Galvanized Steel Sheets

When ordinary steel is exposed to moisture, either in the form of heavy rain or humidity, it has the potential to rust. This won’t happen with galvanized steel as it is covered in a uniform zinc-plated layer.

The zinc coating prevents corrosive substances. This also makes the steel resistant to extreme weather conditions, constant temperature shifts, corrosion, and compression.

Galvanized steel is versatile as well.

Let Astron Metal cater to your galvanized steel needs, such as structural components for construction, automobiles, and appliances. 

Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless steel is primarily known for its corrosion resistance and easy to clean property. This makes it the perfect material for the food industry. Aside from custom-made products, we also offer kitchen items such as grease traps, strainers, wash sinks, carts, trolleys, funnels, buckets, and many more. 

Copper Steel Sheet

In general, copper has earned respect from industries of interior design, construction, and architecture. From churches all the way down to homes and offices, copper is used for numerous applications. 

Copper steel sheets are durable, corrosion-resistant, and aesthetically designed. For years, its appearance has been used for roofs, domes, spires, vaults, wall cladding, flashings, gutters, downspouts, and building expansion joints.


Why Trust Astron Metal Works

Astron Metal Works is the go-to for CNC cutting services in the Philippines. What makes us the best choice? Read on! 

Astron Metal plant


Years of Knowledge 

CNC cutting is a complex process that can only be left in the hands of professionals. Handling all the parts of the machinery used in the procedures requires high-levels of expertise.

With Astron Metal Works’ almost five decades of experience,, we were able to gain years of knowledge needed to deliver efficient and quality services. Rest assured that our team is equipped to cater to your needs. 

Excellent Customer Service

Today, Astron Metal Works is more than your typical machine shop. We have a solid clientele base ranging from major local companies to multinational organizations such as Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation and Nestle Philippines, Inc. to name a few. 

All this was made possible because we ensure our services match client standards. We work hard and are committed to delivering excellent customer service.

Go ahead and simply tell us how you want your service done. We’ll do it!

Extensive Service and Product Portfolio

As part of our dedication to satisfying clients’ needs, we offer a wide variety of services. Aside from cutting, we also do labor work like bending, sheet metal rolling, dishing, punching, fabrication, and assembly works. In addition, we also provide steel products for all kinds of industries.

Quality At Best

When you’re looking for CNC cutting services in the Philippines, an important factor to be considered should be the equipment used. It goes without saying that the best tools will offer superior quality services.

At Astron Metal Works, we did not only invest in cutting-edge technology but we also adopted the most efficient practices. We always seek to improve. This is what gives us an edge in the industry.

Choose Astron Metal Works For Top-Notch CNC Cutting Services In The Philippines

When it comes to the best CNC cutting services in the Philippines, look no further. Astron Metal Works is the go-to! We are experts with decades of industry experience.

Whatever you need for your projects, we are here to provide the most efficient solutions.

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