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4 Things To Consider When Hiring CNC Cutting Services

What are the things to consider when hiring CNC cutting services?

  1. Take A Look At Their Client History
  2. Check The Cost 
  3. Check The Quality of Their Materials 
  4. Customer Service 

Whether you need a steel part with specific dimensions or seeking to order bulk metal items, you must know about the things to consider when hiring CNC cutting services

A construction project, no matter how big or small, needs fabricated steel to be completed. Aside from being used in structural foundations, steel offers a myriad of functions. With a number of CNC cutting services in the Philippines, you can acquire steel items that are cut through automated, state-of-the-art machines. 

Steel has long been established as a durable and versatile material. However, the quality of steel items will vary depending on the CNC cutting services. Some can provide finished products that only last a few months, while others offer high-quality steel items with value-added services. 

Choosing a CNC cutting service provider is a big decision because it decides how well the end product will hold. Ensure you hire the right one. Doing so saves you from compromising project integrity and costly errors. Here is a guide on the things to consider when hiring CNC cutting services.  

Take A Look At The Client History
Ongoing CNC Cutting

CNC cutting is a complex and skilled trade where mistakes can be costly and even fatal. 

The automated machines used here such as plasma, oxy-acetylene and laser cutters calls for extra caution when being handled. Given that the procedure can utilize fuel gases or hot plasma, anyone without proper expertise can end up with subpar steel items. 

Ensure you hire a service provider with high levels of expertise for projects like yours. This is the key to acquiring efficient end products and minimizing mistakes. 

Naturally, you wouldn’t know if the company is experts in the industry beforehand. A good way to check for this is by taking a look at their client history. Check if they have satisfied their customers in the past. Doing so will give you a detailed review of their services. 

At Astron Metal Works, we have served clients in various industries like petroleum, consumer goods, food, and construction. This includes Pilipinas Shell, Total, Unioil, Petron, Procter and Gamble Philippines, Okada Manila, Solaire Resort and Casino,  Lazada Philippines, Nestle Philippines, San Miguel Corporation, Magnolia, Monde Nissin Corp, Alaska Milk Corporation, and many more. 

Our CNC cutting services were utilized to make our clients’ daily operations efficient. We uphold the quality of services rendered. Thus, clients can be assured that our professional team of engineers, project supervisors, safety officers, and office personnel are well-equipped to cater to their needs.

Check The Cost

The cost is a major consideration for any project. The CNC cutting services you avail of may seem expensive, especially if you have a wide variety of steel needs. You will have to pay for the labor as well. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it would make sense for high-quality CNC cutting services to cost more because it would likely produce top-grade steel items.

Go for CNC cutting services that offer to work around your budget. They would provide cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. Moreover, they will openly discuss the cost breakdown right away. 

Check The Quality Of Their Materials

Fabricated metal

You can’t compromise quality standards when it comes to fabricated steel items. Once you use it as a project material, it should be durable and corrosion-resistant.

Alongside passing service quality inspections prescribed by authorities, the company you hire should also reach your applications’ quality standards. Check if they utilize top steel grades, cutting edge processes, and state-of-the-art machinery to ensure your project is achieved with superior quality. 

At Astron Metal Works, all of our CNC cutting processes are machine-done which require minimal labor work, thus, ensuring consistency of quality of finished products. We also boast on our machines that provide precise results achieved at optimized speed.  

Customer Service

Once you have confirmed that the company’s materials and equipment are the best available, then the final factor to consider before is the customer service. Choose the company that you can count on for consistent services.  

Their main concern should be to understand your needs. The level of commitment they show has a direct impact on the success of your project. Arguably, excellent customer service works hand in hand with the staff they hire. 

To find a good CNC cutting service provider, search for one that prioritizes your project and looks to continually improve it.

Our team at Astron Metal Works recognizes the importance of excellent customer service. For this reason, our task begins in aiding our customers’ plan for the design required based on their needs. Since each item produced is customized, we start by asking our clients to approve the proposed design before fabrication. If items are of high volume, we provide mock-ups prior to production to check and test the efficiency of the design. All these are efforts to satisfy client needs.   

Key Takeaway

Take a look at the things to consider when hiring CNC cutting services before finalizing your choice. It can be challenging, but if you do, your projects now and in the future are in good hands.

At Astron Metal Works, we offer premium CNC cutting services. Our mission is to be the preferred partner of clients in outsourcing their diverse business requirements and to be a respected major contributor to the industries we serve. With that, you can rest assured that our services are efficient and of the highest quality possible.

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