How to Choose a Trusted Steel Frame Supplier For Your Projects

How to Choose a Trusted Steel Frame Supplier For Your Projects

How do you choose a trusted steel frame supplier for your projects?

  1. Check the supplier’s experience
  2. Take a look at their client history
  3. Find out about their equipment and processes
  4. Look for willingness to meet all your needs
  5. Consider cost-effectiveness

Nearly all kinds of industries require steel frames — be it consumer goods manufacturing, food & beverage, construction, or petrochemical. Aside from being used in the foundations of structures, steel frames can also be molded into virtually any shape for interior design. If you are considering using this material for your project, you would do well knowing how to choose a trusted steel frame supplier.

Steel frames have long been established as the ideal option for diverse applications due to their durability, affordability, malleability, and recyclability. With an industrial fabricator in the Philippines, there will be a solution to your steel frame needs. However, the quality of steel frames will vary from one supplier to another. While some can offer steel frame grades that have long lifespans, there are others with low-quality steel products that only take a few months before deteriorating.

Choosing your steel frame supplier is crucial — it is the deciding factor on how successful your project will be. Avoid compromising structural integrity and incurring hefty damage expenses. Continue reading on to learn how to choose a trusted steel frame supplier.

Check The Supplier’s Experience

Having substantial experience in the industry is a must for every steel frame supplier. This is what dictates their capability to meet your project requirements. Knowing about their experience can also help you build trust and continually rely on the steel frame supplier for future projects.

As much as possible, you would want to choose a steel frame supplier that has several decades of experience. This is a good indicator of expertise. After all, they would not have lasted that long in the industry if they haven’t been providing quality products. A good way to check for experience is by checking out the supplier’s About Us page on their website.

For example, Astron Metal Works has 45 years of experience catering to the steel needs of some of the biggest companies in the Philippines. This includes SMDC, Ayala Land, Alphaland Corporation, Okada, Solaire, Century Properties, Avida, Amaia, Petron, Shell, Lazada, P&G, and many more.

Take A Look At Their Client History

Take a look at their client history

When you are on the lookout for steel frames, you will likely notice the most famous suppliers first. Keep in mind that they can be famous because their services are backed with years of experience and excellent customer services, or they gathered a huge number of negative reviews.

In any case, knowing about the clients that the supplier has previously worked with can tell you a lot about the supplier’s service quality.

When looking at the client history of a steel frame supplier, you would also want to know what types of steel frames they have supplied to clients in the past. There are different types of steel frames such as trusses, girders, arches, domes, long span, and rigid frames. Make sure they work on the specific steel frames you need.

Find Out About Their The Equipment and Processes

As mentioned before, there are different types of steel frames. T manufacture steel frames, you will have to rely on both manual labor and automated machines. To add to that, there are various metal fabrication processes such as shearing, dishing, punching, bending, or CNC cutting to produce a range of custom, aftermarket steel frames.
While the skills of the supplier are vital in producing high-quality steel frames, none of this would be possible without using the right equipment and processes. Check if they invest in updated equipment and apply efficient procedures to ensure your project is well-catered.

Look For Willingness To Meet All Your Needs
Look for willingness to meet all your needs

There is no point in choosing a supplier if they turn out to be unwilling to meet your needs. Excellent customer service is a crucial factor for identifying a trusted steel frame supplier. Ultimately, you would want to consider forming long-term partnerships with the supplier. They should be able to offer effective solutions for your steel frame requirements.

To find out if the supplier’s customer service is up to par, ask about how they can make way for your specific custom steel frame needs. Check if they are willing to enhance the quality and efficiency of your products.

For example, at Astron Metal Works, our work starts by aiding a client’s plan for design based on their needs. For every customized product, clients approve our proposed designs and mock-ups before fabrication begins to test for design efficiency. This is what allows us to uphold quality products and services.

Consider Cost-Effectiveness

You don’t want to save money by hiring the cheapest suppliers yet produce low-quality products, in much the same way that you’d want to avoid hiring an unreasonably expensive supplier. Look for cost-effectiveness.

Ask for a quotation from the supplier. You will eventually recognize the average price range between different suppliers for basis. See if it fits your budget without sacrificing product quality.

Key Takeaway

Knowing how to choose a trusted steel frame supplier will ensure your project is built with quality in mind. There are a few considerations that you can keep in mind such as the supplier’s experience, client history, equipment, processes, cost-effectiveness, and willingness to meet your custom steel needs. When looking for an industrial fabricator in the Philippines that specializes in steel frames, choose one that hits all the qualifications in this list.

Astron Metal Works is the steel frame fabricator in the Philippines with esteemed clients across diverse industries. Click here to contact us and request a quote! We guarantee superior quality metal products at highly affordable prices.