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5 Things To Consider Before Hiring CNC Cutting Services

What are the things to consider before hiring CNC cutting services?

  1. Experience
  2. Service Reputation
  3. Production Capacity
  4. Materials and Machines Used
  5. Costs

Choosing a CNC cutting service provider is a big decision because it decides how well the finishing metal product will be. Knowing about the things to consider before hiring CNC cutting services helps you choose which one will keep up with your company’s individual needs.

Hiring CNC cutting services in the Philippines has always been beneficial for a wide array of industries. For one, steel has long been established as a durable material and CNC helps cut its needed parts with consistent product quality. Next, CNC machines are costly, not only to buy but also to maintain and operate. These big expenses can be prevented by hiring professional CNC cutting services. Lastly, CNC machines require expertise skills when being handled and not all companies have the resources to train staff for these.

That being said, here is a guide on the things to consider before hiring CNC cutting services. 


One of the most important questions you will need to ask is whether or not the CNC cutting service provider has substantial experience in the past. More importantly, you want to make sure they have experience working on the components specific to your product or industry.

This is the key to ensuring they can deliver the products you need with the highest quality. At the same time, this will help ease your mind knowing what will be produced will meet not only your quality expectations but industry standards as well.

For instance, at Astron Metal Works, we have served clients in the food industry such as Nestle Philippines, San Miguel Corporation, Magnolia, Monde Nissin Corp, and Alaska Milk Corporation. Each one of these firms employs safety standards and we catered to their specifications by supplying “food-grade” products. 

Service Reputation

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To meet your company’s needs, consider taking a look at your potential CNC cutting service provider’s reputation as well. Is it clear that they satisfy their clientele and catered to each of their specifications?

In an era heavily empowered by technology, it is now easier more than ever to research a company’s reputation. Take a look at their online reviews. Doing so will offer helpful insight into working skills.

At Astron Metal Works, we have served clients in a wide array of industries like petroleum, food, consumer goods, and construction. To name a few, our clientele includes Pilipinas Shell, Petron, Total, Procter and Gamble Philippines, Okada Manila, Solaire Resort and Casino, and Lazada Philippines.

We were hired for CNC cutting services and significantly made our clients’ operations efficient. Hence, you can rest assured we will cater to your needs with excellence in mind.

Production Capacity

CNC cutting services are typically needed to maintain high accuracy, precision, quality, flexibility, and repeatability. The products created come out with consistency every time. This is the factor that makes CNC cutting a well-demanded service among firms that require bulk products.

For that reason, you might want to consider your potential CNC cutting service’s production capacity. How big is the facility? How many machines are operating? How many skilled technicians are employed? Knowing all these provide an indicator of how your products will be handled and whether these will be provided according to schedule.

Materials and Machines Used

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Not every CNC cutting service provider is equal, and it all comes down to the materials and machinery used. These are what evaluate whether they are capable of producing your products with ease and the highest possible quality.

For one thing, it’s best to ensure you hire the CNC cutting service provider with the top steel grades, cutting edge processes, and state-of-the-art machinery.


You want to ensure your company is making the most of its investments. When it comes to sourcing services, there is no exception. That being said, you’ll want to work with a CNC cutting services provider with a competitive price point without comprising product quality.

It is natural to pay more for high-quality grade steel and expert labor. But, you would want to go for one that works around your budget. They should openly discuss the cost breakdown and offer cost-efficient solutions.

Key Takeaway

Take a look at the things to consider before hiring CNC cutting services. You have to weigh in every factor because the quality of your project depends on it.

As the leading provider for CNC cutting services in the Philippines, Astron Metal Works is ready to work with you. We have satisfied a wide clientele with renowned brands, make use of only world-class machines, and deliver excellent customer services.

If you want to inquire about the CNC cutting services we offer, click here or contact us at 02-364-2965, 02-366-4189, 02-364-3065.