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Industries That Benefit From CNC Cutting Services In the Philippines

What are the industries that benefit from CNC Cutting services?

  1. Construction
  2. Petroleum 
  3. Consumer Goods 
  4. Food

CNC Cutting, also known as computer numerical control cutting, is a process that manufactures numerous custom and complex metal items for a wide variety of applications. The adoption of CNC cutting can significantly improve every aspect of operations. There are a plethora of industries that benefit from CNC cutting services in the Philippines. 

While mass-produced metals work for some industries, others specifically require custom-created products. Thanks to modern technology, the computerized systems used in CNC cutting services efficiently converts designs into finished metals. The ability to create components rapidly and with extreme precision in mind is what drives industries to seek the process for their operations. Read on because we’ve rounded up some of them!   



The most common industry that benefits from CNC cutting services is the construction industry. Arguably, building structurally sound establishments rely on precise custom fabricated metal items. Depending on the building type, there would be material specifications for length, width, weight, exterior finishing, and many more. 

For example, materials such as built-up beams, purlins, steel frames, and canopies would need to have specific dimensions to support structures. Automated CNC machines have accurate computer positioning that can easily produce identical components. In addition, the tools and equipment used to complete construction facilities inherently involve CNC cutting. 

Since handling construction materials requires extra attention to detail, we at Astron Metal Works employ a variety of CNC cutting machines such as plasma cutters and  laser cutters to satisfy client demands. 


Gas stations of the petroleum industry benefit from CNC cutting services as well. In order for everyday operations to function, there are a number of items needed in their gas stations. 

For example, cashier booths would need to be installed into place. Furthermore, canopies, which refer to the posts and roofs of gas stations, should be put up to signify operations and attract customers. 

No matter what the shape and sizes of structural parts, CNC cutting services can produce these with ease.  

At Astron Metal Works, we have served clients under the petroleum industry. This includes Pilipinas Shell, Total, Unioil, Petron, Flying V, Clean Fuel, and almost every gasoline station in the Philippines. The common items we supplied are canopies, cashier’s booths, pump island trims, tire inflator housing, trash bins, remote fill housing cover, lube/display racks, and column buffers/guards. In addition, we also produce prefabricated frames and we are in charge of lifting them on the site.

Consumer Goods

Utility Carts by Astron Metal

For the consumer goods industry to operate smoothly, they require materials that can inhibit repeatability across high volumes. This is what enables the firms to satisfy their clients and remain competitive in the market. In general, all goods supplied to them must have a consistent dimension. 

The flexibility of CNC cutting services allows for producing different material sizes along with limitless shapes. For example, metal works such as tanks, buckets, tables, carts, and cabinets are common items that consumer goods firms rely on for daily operations. All these items can be cut using plasma and laser cutters with ease.

Given that CNC cutting involves computerized processes such as CAD prototyping and 3D modeling, the items can also be pre-approved to ensure design flaws are eliminated. Modifications can be implemented quickly.   

At Astron Metal Works, we catered to an impressive clientele — Procter and Gamble Philippines, Okada Manila, Solaire Resort and Casino, and Lazada Philippines. Our CNC cutting services were utilized to make their daily operations much more efficient. Our fabricated carts are used for Okada and Solaire Gaming. Furthermore, our drop boxes in Lazada are utilized for returned items.


The food industry requires a variety of CNC cutting services in order to function. Once you enter their factories and warehouses, you might immediately see a custom-made metal component. 

Some of the most common items required by this industry include storage tanks, process tables, utility carts, and measuring buckets. Each time you eat something, it is likely that a CNC machine was involved to serve your needs. Simply put, the food industry has been benefiting from CNC cutting services for decades now.

As the premier metal fabrication company in the Philippines, we have catered to Nestle Philippines, San Miguel Corporation, Magnolia, Monde Nissin Corp, Alaska Milk Corporation, New Zealand Creamery, Healthy Options, and many more. Rest assured that our services have never ceased to satisfy.  

Key Takeaway

There are numerous industries that benefit from CNC cutting services in the Philippines. Indeed, any industry can achieve operational efficiency with this process.

If you happen to be on the lookout for professional CNC cutting services, we at Astron Metal Works are more than happy to cater to you. With decades of experience and expertise, we are geared to satisfy your metal needs.