Commercial Applications Of Steel

Commercial Applications Of Steel

What are the commercial applications of steel?

  1. Steel doors 
  2. Windows 
  3. Retail mall facilities 
  4. Parking spaces
  5. Waiting sheds
  6. Bollards
  7. Signages 
  8. Hotel and restaurant fixtures
  9. Handrails

With the steady rise of construction projects, there’s no doubt that the demand for stainless steel fabrication in the Philippines has also risen. While a wide array of industries rely on steel for retaining efficiency in daily operations, commercial applications of steel are considered the most evident. 

From offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, to parking spaces — steel is perceived as ideal to work with for commercial applications given its versatility. It boasts of corrosion-resistance, durability, wide-availability, sustainability, malleability, and cost-efficiency. 

That being said, let us take a closer look at the top nine commercial applications of steel. Continue reading to learn more.

Steel Doors

The commercial industry requires plenty of steel fabrication services to function. From the moment you step into their facilities, there will most likely be a steel item in sight almost immediately. 

Steel doors are one to provide safety from unauthorized access and even natural disasters such as fire and heavy winds. Undoubtedly, security is essential for commercial facilities, especially if these hold valuables such as product inventory or large amounts of money. 

By direct comparison, steel is three times stronger than aluminum. Steel doors are harder to break down compared to their wooden, glass, or aluminum counterparts. This is especially ideal if the commercial facility area is prone to natural disasters like storms. 

Aside from steel doors, big steel gates can offer a high level of security as well. Any unwanted trespasser would be deterred. To add to that, steel is cost-efficient. Replacing or repairing damaged doors can be expensive. If you seek good long-term value, steel doors are the key.


Steel fabricated windows by Astron Metal

Another commercial application of steel is windows. Clean and sleek finishes have become the standard in the commercial industry with facilities such as malls and hotels demanding stunning fixtures. 

From louvered windows, stainless window frames, to even window grills — steel has versatile commercial applications. It can also carry some finishing options, depending on the needs. Additionally, fabricated and assembled steel windows can arrive at the site with any defects and can be installed easily. 

Retail Mall Facilities

The majority of commercial applications of steel are found in retail malls. For example, the railings of stairs transferring customers from one floor to another, air ducts that keep the air cold and fresh, and signages are made with steel.  

Parking Spaces 

Modular booths by Astron Metal

Parking spaces are commonly built using concrete material. However, more and more steel parking spaces are being made nowadays. The material’s strength makes it ideal to use for parking floors that carry extreme loads of weight. There are also lightweight steel grades, making them suitable for constructing parking spaces faster and easier.  

Steel further proves its versatility by being used for other features of parking spaces. This includes ticket booths for collecting payments, service ladders, and even floor gratings. 

They’re able to withstand high temperatures and high pressures that may come from prolonged usage. For example, steel pipe manufacturers can apply heat treatment processes to enhance properties like tensile strength, machinability, and hardenability. This allows the product to be more suitable for and withstand a higher level of wear and tear than the average. 

Waiting Sheds

Waiting sheds are small structures built mostly alongside roads to serve as a place for passengers waiting for a ride. It is important to have a waiting shed on roadsides for commuters waiting for public transportation. It provides shelter from rain or extremely hot weather.


Bollards by Astron Metal

Another great example of commercial application of steel is as a bollard. Bollards are sturdy, short, vertical posts typically used for mooring ships. Today, it is now widely-used to protect pedestrians from vehicle ramming attacks and to guide traffic. For example, steel bollards can be used to control road traffic

Steel bollards are specifically designed to be durable and resistant to impact. If it so happens that a vehicle crashes to bollards, these would absorb the shock and bend instead of breaking.   


Signages are put in place to relay information such as directions, road limits, and driving rules. Oftentimes, these steel signages are used to create traffic lights for cities as well. Have you seen the big billboard signages around the city? Those are made with steel frames as well. 

Hotel and Restaurant Fixtures

Gratings and floor drains by Astron Metal

Hotels and restaurants greatly rely on the commercial applications of steel for producing items like kitchen utensils and other hotel accessories. For example, restaurants make use of steel items such as storage tanks and buckets, trash bins, pushcarts, chutes, stainless tables, cabinets, grease traps, sinks, buckets, and scoopers.

In these applications, durability, corrosion resistance, and malleability are heavily valued. Hotels and restaurants also go for steel items due to their aesthetic appeal. 


Most commercial facilities make use of steel handrails. These can be used in staircases, ramps, bathroom handrails, and PWD handrails. In this industry, the most common kind of handrail has a top and mid-railing to serve as fall protection. 

Key Takeaway

We have rounded up the different commercial applications of steel. With such a versatile and durable material, commercial facilities are looking for more ways to utilize it.